Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Two Brothers

What happens when doing the right thing....doesn't always seem like the right thing? Tonight, the story of the prodigal son was shared by Pastor Louie Giglio at the Burning Lights Tour, with Chris Tomlin and Kari Jobe. The story had a completely different impact on me, than what I expected. In the story of the prodigal son, both sons were given an inheritance. The first son saved his money and tried to please his father and did everything that was expected of him. The second son squandered his money away and basically went wild doing whatever he wanted. Then one day, when the second son hit rock bottom, he decided to come crawling back to his father. What happens next is what may seem surprising....instead of punishing the son for his bad choices, the father welcomes him with open arms. He even goes as far as throwing a party and killing the fattened calf. He invites the town to celebrate that his son has come home. The first son becomes very upset. After all, he has worked hard for what he has and he doesn't understand why his brother who as made all these bad choices, is now the one that is being celebrated and doted over.

Which brother are you? Are you the second brother that has made bad choices and needs to come home and be accepted and loved by God and your family? Or are you the first brother that has always been home, that has tried to make good choices, but desires to know that you are accepted and loved even though you weren't lost? I have to say that this story really hit me hard, tonight. Just because you make good choices and you haven't turned away from your family or God, this doesn't mean that you should be celebrated. Sometimes, it isn't about what choice you make, but about what you choose to do with the choices you make. My point is that we all have choices to make. Our choices are what makes us who we are. Whether you are the son that stayed or the one that wandered away, you must know that God is celebrating both of you! God celebrates when we come home, if we are lost. But, God also celebrates us for being faithful! You may not get the fattened calf, but you will be blessed for your faithfulness in ways that can not be explained, until you experience it. Don't harbor resentment and anger, because no one celebrated that you stayed faithful.....because God is always celebrating when you rely on him and trust in his promises. Nothing on earth can compare to what God promises to those who trust in him and are faithful. Believe the truths that God speaks in the bible about you and your life and you WILL be blessed!  


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