Saturday, September 14, 2013

God's Amazing Presence.....

As a lover of Jesus, I am always looking for ways for HIM to show me HIS presence.  But, what happened yesterday......totally blew me away.....  Yesterday, September 13 was the day of my Grandmother's burial and memorial service.  When my Grandfather passed away nearly three years ago, both of my cousins said something at my Grandfather's memorial service.  So, I had prepared myself to say something this time at my Grandmother's memorial.  As the past week had gone by, I had tried numerous time to sit down and write something....but to no avail.....I could never find the right words.  So, as the day approached yesterday...I continued to ponder different things that I could share.  When I spoke with my cousin before the memorial service, she said she wanted to say something but hadn't been able to figure out what to write down either.  At that time, we decided we would go up together and trust that God would tell us what to say.

A short time ago, before my Grandmother passed away she had prepared the scriptures and the songs that she wanted to be used at her memorial service.  After we had sang a few hymns and heard a few different passages of scripture, we were asked to come forward.  Katelyn and I both knew it was time, but not having anything planned was a little frightening.  Moments before we were asked to go up there, something incredible happened.  Pastor had read the entire Psalm 46.  Earlier that morning as I sat and read my devotion, I read the bible verses that were associated with it.  Sometimes, none of the verses touch me and so I find a verse that is related that I feel works better.  That is exactly what happened yesterday morning.  I didn't like any of the verses and so as I ponder what my devotion was about....I heard God say, "Be still and know that I am God."  So, I looked the verse up and came up with Psalm 46:10a....which just happens to be the verse that I posted on Facebook.  Right before we were asked to come up front, Pastor read this and I began to weep.  I knew then what I would say.  I spoke of how amazing it was, that I had picked that verse today and so had my Grandmother just weeks previously.  What happened next surprised even cousin Katelyn, who took my hand as we stood there together...spoke about a Psalm that she had used the past week to stay calm and get things taken care of that she needed to at college in order to come home to my Grandmother's burial and memorial.  The Psalm that she referred to was Psalm 121, which was the first passage of scriptures that Pastor had read to us as the service began.  We were both in awe.....God had used both of us...along with my Grandmother to show a connection to God and to give us comfort.  It was incredible enough that God had given me that verse yesterday morning, but to have given Katelyn the other scripture....just makes God so much more real.  I am blessed as I know many others were that God used at our Grandmother's memorial.  Thank you, Lord.....for amazing me yet again!



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