Monday, January 7, 2013

Beautifully Broken

Last night, I finished the book, "Your Heart's Desire" by Sheri Rose Shepherd.  There is something about this book that touched my heart so deeply.  I would highly recommend this book to all women whether you are married, single, divorced, or widowed.  Sheri Rose Shepherd is also the author of the Princess Series and has daily devotions called His Princess Love Letters.  I receive His Princess Love Letters everyday by email and they absolutely speak to my heart most days.  If you have had struggles in your life and you have a hard time believing God's truth about you and your really should check out and sign up to receive the His Princess Love Letters here. 

After I finished the book, I felt led to write a song.  Writing songs is one of the ways that I am able to find harmony in my life.  The song I wrote last night is called "Beautifully Broken", which basically talks about what God is doing in my life and the ways that he has changed and healed me.  Writing songs is something that I have done a lot of in the last few years, but this song is different.  Usually, I am able to find a tune that I think is fitting for my lyrics just by plucking around on my keyboard......but it just wasn't happening with this song.  So, tonight I did the one thing that I have never done or even tried to do.....I pulled out my guitar.  Well, actually it was my dad's guitar that I inherited in 1996.  So many times, I have tried over the years to teach myself to play and I am able to play a few chords here and there...but nothing spectacular.  I had pretty much given up on playing the guitar, because my hands are pretty small and it just didn't seem like a good fit.  And buying a smaller guitar...really isn't an option at this point.  Since, I had struggled so much with coming up with a tune for my new lyrics....I decided it couldn't hurt to break out the guitar.  And as I sat here, something amazing happened.  After ear tuning it to my keyboard (which I've never been able to do before)....I started messing around.  And the strangest thing happened.....I found a melody.  I honestly don't really even know what chords I was playing....but I was playing something....because my ears were pleased.  And then I started to cry, because God just amazes many times that I have pulled out the guitar and tried to play something....and nothing happened.  But, yet this time....I have it out for less than 5 minutes and there it is.....a melody.  I know this probably all seems really trivial. To be quite honest, I'm not even sure why I'm writing this down....except that I want my blog to document my life as it happens.  I especially want to look back and remember those amazing moments....when I am in complete AWE of this amazing God that we serve!      

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